National Recognition! The Girl Friends Fund, Inc.

National Nomination! The Girl Friends, Inc. - Columbia SC Chapter!!!

Thank You

The Girl Friends Fund, Inc. National Recognition is Life-Changing

Far more than a monetary investment

If My Dreams are represented by a seed,

this affirmation is The Water & The Sunlight

The sustenance needed to transform into a Giving Tree

Deep-Rooted & Everlasting

The GF Inc. represents those who came before

& still cared enough to think of those yet to come

Love in its highest form

Your Example serves as a Key Inspiration

Propelling me higher

Enabling me to reach further & nurture future seeds

Extending Your Legacy & Completing The Circle of My Life

I Sincerely Thank You All for Your Love & Support


Bringing My Dreams To Life

Btw, Hakuna Matata (No Worries) - You're in Good Hands! ;)

A Very Special Thank You goes To Nominators of

This Esteemed Honor:

The Columbia, SC Chapter

The Girl Friends, Incorporated

Nicholas Christopher Gilliard

Life Over Violence Epidemic (LOVE)

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