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"even when muddy your wings sparkle bright wonders that heal broken worlds" 

- Aberjhani

Join The LOVE Movement

Become a member and sponsor a student for as little as $10.00/month 

(immediate & automatic cancellation - no request necessary)

Sponsoring a Student?

As a member, you may sponsor individual students or student groups of your choice to receive LOVE Training.*


*New Members: It's imperative that you leave your contact information on the New Member Sign-Up Page (Exchange Place) so we can identify you. **You will also receive complimentary LOVE Badges (per student) free of charge and be joined with other members of LOVE (upon request).

One-Time Donation?
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All One-Time Donations of any amount are of course also Greatly Appreciated!

"Just Do Right"

The LOVE Movement

*In addition to general comments, suggestions and feeback, please feel free to notify us if there is a school official or student group leader who may be interested in introducing youth to this type of social impact training. A form to enter specific contact information is located on the New Member Sign-Up Page (Exchange Place)*

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